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    3. ZW24J mechanical profile bending machine -- Jiangsu zhongwei heavy industry machinery co., LTD.

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      Product introduction
      ZW24J mechanical profile bending machine
      The category :Profile bending machine
      Make no:4060050256
      Gauge:Detailed specification negotiable
      Type no:Detailed model negotiable
      The product price :negotiable

      ZW24J mechanical profile bending machine

      My company's profile bending machine is a dedicated to volume corners cylinder, channel steel, i-steel, flat steel, square steel, round steel and other special steel efficient processing equipment, it can be finished a feeding volume, calibration process, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, water and electricity, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing and other industries.
      The machine under two roll roll, can also be three working roll roll, two side roll around fixed rotary center for lifting movement, a roller device on both sides, to ensure the quality of rolled asymmetric cross-section profiles. This machine structure is advanced, reliable, small size, the function is all ready, is advanced material molding equipment at home and abroad.
      Because in the continuous improvement of products, such as with the above technical data, configuration, performance characteristics and the actual data products are inconsistent, should comply with the technical agreement parameters on both sides. No further notice.

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