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      Product introduction
      System pipeline series
      The category :System of pipeline
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      System pipeline series
      3000 t / 12000 gantry pipe forming machine (above)
      Product introduction straight submerged arc welding pipe production line located at this machine is one of the five host, the host by pillar, oil cylinder, slider, fuel tank, beams, workbench, convex equipment, mold, hydraulic proportional servo system, electric CNC system. The host has three nc axes, auxiliary engine more than 5 CNC axis. Auxiliary by the longitudinal joint material device, side block machine, manipulator, and before and after the rack, side discharging device.

      Steel plate bending unit (pictured above)
      Straight submerged arc welding pipe production line located at this machine is one of the host, is a special unit used for steel plate edge bending. Bending machine is mainly composed of type C frame, oil cylinder unit, the beams, conveyor roller, device, mould and mobile device, the base of the mould, front and rear roller conveyer, electrical, hydraulic and lubrication system. Is mainly used for pipe molding steel plate edge before bending, the work of steel plate after milling is piecewise into the machine after the upper and lower mold between, under the pressure of upper and lower mold making material flow occurs, and bending, the relative position of change and adjust the mould can get the edge radius of curvature of the finished product and steel pipe bend radius is very close to the edge. Two to put, steel plate can be curved edge on both sides at the same time.
      Product features for the edge milling steel plate on both sides simultaneously pressure flanging, extruding edge close to finished steel pipe radius of curvature radius of curved plates.

      Steel tube expanding machine (above)

      Straight submerged arc welding pipe production line located at this machine is one of the five host, by the power cylinder, cantilever bar, expanding head, cantilever bracket and a tube of the car. Expanding the head by a multifaceted wedge block, through the rod into the arrangement on expanding head of block, so they were forced to expanding along the pipe wall, hole diameter size requirements, in order to achieve and implement on the length of straightening. This kind of method to ensure the consistency between the steel tube surface, regardless of different steel tube of the current material. The hole enlargement ratio of the diameter of the 1% ~ 1.5%.
      Product features using mechanical expanding principle, through expanding head of steel pipe is gradually expanding, so as to ensure the ellipticity of steel pipe size, straightness and conforms to the technical requirements, eliminate the residual internal stress.

      Steel precision machine (pictured above) :
      This machine consists of a set bottom lift three beam four-column hydraulic press as the host of finishing garden tube, in the anterior and posterior each host configuration of 5 groups can lift roller conveyer and the rotation of the two groups can lift table.
      Product function when the pipe finishing finishing of the main machine is equipped with and to be circular tube specifications match after finishing the mould, can will need to be finishing of circular tube, the piecewise motor into the forming die, so as to complete the circular steel tube longitudinal length and 360 degrees is presented.the successive finishing.

      Steel tube straightening machine (above)
      This machine consists of fixed worktable, gantry mobile framework, vertical roller table 5 groups, two groups under the rotating table, v-shaped mold, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.
      Product features can be moving along the tube length alignment, can any need on steel pipe 360 ° circumferential straightening straightening position, cause the straightening steel pipe meets the requirement.

      Bilateral edge milling machine (above)
      Product introduction straight submerged arc welding pipe production line located at this machine is one of the host, is a special unit for steel plate milling, the milling unit, slide, feed on the roller, the roller table, furnace, electric and hydraulic components. Machine will steel plate in the center of symmetry of the milling unit for, by sending skip clamp before and after automatic find the edge, and clamped on both ends of the steel plate, pressure is expected to stick to the milling unit, in the process of steel plate delivery, two milling unit respectively to molding steel plate edge milling, milling after the car clamp fell to below the steel back, and steel plate by the discharge roller table to the next working procedure.
      Product function after ultrasonic testing of steel plate, according to the requirements of the steel pipe made by bilateral milling method, continuous work out at the edge of the two longitudinal steel plate welding groove as needed.

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